Often, good leadership determines the success and failure of a company. But what makes up “good leadership”? We all know the prototype of the "genius", "charismatic" leader-guru. Why do we feel that he is ingenious and charismatic? Is it because, on the one hand, he is target-oriented, clear and structured, but on the other hand also passionate, empathic and ethical? OVOX takes the lead through the project and works with a result-oriented, comprehensible and precise approach, in which the people in and around the project are not neglected. How does it look like? Here is an example that everyone knows from their own life - the project “holiday”:

Were you traveling alone during your last vacation? Or did you travel with your family or with friends, so a larger number of people? First, it is a matter of determining where the journey is going: define a destination. Then the participants will formulate their suggestions and wishes: sightseeing, relaxing on the beach, mountain hiking, eating ice cream, visiting cities, sailing, diving, surfing. How to stay - camping, villa or hotel? These wishes are also goals that must be achieved.

Now the planning begins. How do you get as much as possible? How to travel to the destination an how to travel back? Where to stay? What kind of activities can be combined, so that as many wishes as possible are considered? What does this cost? How is it compatible with the budgets and how do you get that in an average two weeks’ holiday?

Once the planning is done, everything must be monitored. Is the destination still safe? Are there any strikes on the pilots or the train? Is the ferry going as planned? What's the weather like? Have entrance fees changed in the meantime? Does the travel budget still fit?

Not everything works as planned. The flight might be canceled, the weather could make the planned mountain-hike impossible and you have to arrange alternate activities. Some activities need to be preponed, others must be postponed, and perhaps some of them must be cancelled completely.

Someone must organize all this. Whether it's tickets for events, a day trip by boat, a mountain guide, or simply a question of who is doing the dishes - one person must take the organization into his hands.

Different people and their individual interests always contain conflict potential. The joint sailing expedition might be cancelled due to a rising storm and a new agreement must be made. Here, it is important to lead the stakeholders, provide opportunities and alternatives, and mediate between different interests. Coaching becomes important: for example, if you find out that someone votes against the planned mountain hike because of fear of high altitude, you can help him control his fears. It is not always possible to reach an agreement that satisfies everyone completely. In this case, leadership means making a decision.

One of the most important tasks of the responsible person is to inform all stakeholders on important incidents, plan changes and details of the next upcoming enterprises. Poor communication is, unfortunately, one of the main causes of failed projects - even if it is only a failed vacation.

This does not sound too difficult, does it? But the more complex a project, the more challenging all the management tasks and the more know-how is necessary to carry it out successfully. We would be happy to provide you with this know-how, which we were able to demonstrate in the management of numerous projects in the past.

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